Welcome to SCMuayThai! If you are in search for a new Muay Thai gym to join, you are in the right place. Check out our blog reviews of great Muay Thai boxing gyms from all over the world. Because we understand that best boxing basic skill will help you be the best fighter, finding a good school or trainer will be as important as having great high quality Muay Thai gear including Muay Thai Kick Boxing Shorts, Thai Boxing Gloves and more. You will also find articles on how to choose Boxing Gloves, Pads, Paos, Muay Thai shorts, MMA trunks and clothings until essential protections such as shin guards, head gear, handwraps and more.

Find the best Muay Thai Gyms in your country now. The ideal ones should teach how to defend ourselves in a reality based self-defense situation or prepare for a competition. So far we have lists of Muay Thai gyms in the United States, Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. In this section, we have listed recommended boxing gyms that teach serious Muay Thai with class environment of humor, respect, hard work and non-violence. We also have their website and contact numbers in the review along with a little review to help you decide. You will find this section very helpful!

Apart from Muay Thai gym reviews which you might find a really good one near you, we do have collection of Muay Thai fight clips, MMA, K-1, UFC fight videos and more. Useful articles for beginners who just started to train Muay Thai. In Muay Thai Beginner, you will find the principles of Muay Thai, the very basic things to know including boxing techniques and basic Muay Thai moves. How to pick boxing gear and equipment for your training. Every knowledge to protect yourselves if necessary.

We also have a lot of great advises of Muay Thai gear. How to select the size of gloves, boxing shorts or pads for you? And how to know whether they are good quality or they are the one that you should avoid or not necessary for your Muay Thai gym bag. How to take care of your boxing gear and equipment to help them last the longest and many more the come.

Our Work Out, you will find bibs and bobs and anything else related to Muay Thai. At SCMuayThai, we have collected other curious articles linked to your Muay Thai training. They will be useful knowledge for your boxing training and other work out.

How to Select Appropriate Muay Thai Equipment

Muay Thai has become one of the most popular Mixed Martial Arts in the modern world today, with thousands of Muay Thai gyms across the most of the world. The popularity of Muay Thai is mainly due

Caring for Muay Thai Equipment

“Caring for Muay Thai Equipment” After a good work out in the gym the last thing you want to do is worry about cleaning or drying out your Boxing Gloves, Hand wraps and Shin guards, as well

Muay Thai Gyms – United States

As one of the largest countries on the planet, the United States of America has embraced Muay Thai like no other country in the world. As Muay Thai has spread in popularity throughout the globe, thanks to

Muay Thai Striking Techniques of different techniques

Throughout Muay Thai there are a range of different techniques available to learn, depending on your own personal ability level and training level. Techniques in Muay Thai range from boxing style techniques all the way through to

What is The Most Effective Muay Thai Training Schedule ?

Learning Muay Thai is a long process that requires peak physical fitness and dedication to training and progressing throughout Muay Thai. Depending on the level of training you are at, your own personal ability level and what

Muay Thai Combinations As Muay Thai has spread in popularity

As Muay Thai has spread in popularity throughout both the Eastern and Western world, it has become an excellent way of getting fit and staying fit for the everyday person, but as Muay Thai has become more

How to Warm Up in Preparation for Muay Thai

As with any physical sport, warming up your muscles is the first step towards any successful Muay Thai workout or fight. Essentially this is one of the most important practices to conduct before any workout or fighting

Muay Thai Gyms – Spain

As Muay Thai becomes more and more popular throughout both the Eastern and the Western world, there have been an influx of Muay Thai gyms and schools all offering training to ordinary people throughout the cities and

How to Spar During Muay Thai Training

Sparring is one of the most important training techniques used in Muay Thai, allowing you to learn through practice and achieve greater results from your Muay Thai training. Sparring is an excellent way to use combinations to

Muay Thai Gyms – Germany

During the origins of Muay Thai, it was developed and utilized as a way to turn the body into a weapon during times of close combat, minimising the need for heavy weapons such as daggers and swords.