Muay Thai Gyms – United States

As one of the largest countries on the planet, the United States of America has embraced Muay Thai like no other country in the world. As Muay Thai has spread in popularity throughout the globe, thanks to

Muay Thai Striking Techniques of different techniques

Throughout Muay Thai there are a range of different techniques available to learn, depending on your own personal ability level and training level. Techniques in Muay Thai range from boxing style techniques all the way through to

What is The Most Effective Muay Thai Training Schedule ?

Learning Muay Thai is a long process that requires peak physical fitness and dedication to training and progressing throughout Muay Thai. Depending on the level of training you are at, your own personal ability level and what

Muay Thai Combinations As Muay Thai has spread in popularity

As Muay Thai has spread in popularity throughout both the Eastern and Western world, it has become an excellent way of getting fit and staying fit for the everyday person, but as Muay Thai has become more

How to Warm Up in Preparation for Muay Thai

As with any physical sport, warming up your muscles is the first step towards any successful Muay Thai workout or fight. Essentially this is one of the most important practices to conduct before any workout or fighting

Muay Thai Gyms – Spain

As Muay Thai becomes more and more popular throughout both the Eastern and the Western world, there have been an influx of Muay Thai gyms and schools all offering training to ordinary people throughout the cities and

How to Spar During Muay Thai Training

Sparring is one of the most important training techniques used in Muay Thai, allowing you to learn through practice and achieve greater results from your Muay Thai training. Sparring is an excellent way to use combinations to

Muay Thai Gyms – Germany

During the origins of Muay Thai, it was developed and utilized as a way to turn the body into a weapon during times of close combat, minimising the need for heavy weapons such as daggers and swords.

Muay Thai Gyms – France

Thailand has a culture that is rich in heritage which up until recently many knew not of, that was until the introduction of one of the Thai cultures defining features, Muay Thai into the rest of the

Training Muay Thai in Thailand

For those dedicated to their Muay Thai training, some may choose to travel to Thailand and train in an authentic Muay Thai environment. Thailand is the birth place of Muay Thai and there are several different Muay