The Art of the Masters of Muay Thai


Santa Cruz Muay Thai Academy has been developed over 20 years of training and exploration of various forms of martial arts. This gym is geared toward the person who wants to get and stay in shape while learning effective Muay Thai and Kickboxing skills. This is not just a cardio kickboxing class. Our emphasis is to learn how to defend ourselves in a reality based self-defense situation or prepare for a competition. While this is true, our class environment is one of Humor, Respect, Hard work and over all non-violence.

Santa Cruz Muay Thai Academy holds a fundamental belief in non-violence. The art of non-violence through martial arts comes from a deep seated tradition in which a highly trained person does not need to prove his or her toughness by engaging in petty or ego inflamed fights. However, one learns the techniques and knowledge to protect themselves if necessary. This is the fundamental belief of a true Martial Artist.